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Monitoring Systems That Will Keep You Safe 24/7

Rosse Systems can provide 24-hour monitoring for Fire Alarm Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV and Industrial Plants.

CCTV Monitoring

The central station receives CCTV footage from your premises and responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to monitoring the images, the central station can also broadcast a message to the perpetrators.

How 24-Hour Monitoring Works

The chosen communications network is monitored. If a telephone line monitoring system is chosen, equipment in the exchange detects any signal loss. If communication is over another medium like private mobile networks, it works in a similar way.

In the event of a genuine alarm signal, the system identifies which alarm signal is affected (Intruder, Fire, Plant etc). The alarm signals are then transmitted to the monitoring centre where trained operators follow agreed action plans by contacting the relevant emergency services and the specified key holders, we can update and amend these as required on your behalf.

This is fully endorsed by leading UK insurers.


DualCom GPRS is an advanced communication device for secure alarm reporting, compliant with Grades 2, 3 and 4 of the EN standards. It transmits alarm signals to the alarm receiving centre via the GPRS, GSM networks and PSTN with the optional LAN card, via the internet.

When DualCom GPRS is triggered it initiates calls to the alarm receiving centre over a communication path. Once it receives an acknowledgement from one path it clears the other paths so that the monitoring centre only receives a notification. The speed of transmission surpasses the older GSM technology, hence its suitability for sending alarm signals. Rather than having to ‘dial up’ for a connection, GPRS systems are permanently switched on and transmit instantaneously.

As with all radio transmission systems, a site survey should always be carried out to ensure adequate GPRS signal strength is available at the site.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Enhancing your fire alarm system to include monitoring can reduce the risk of losing your business to fire. We can tailor this to your requirements even linking your system so that the site is called first to prevent unnecessary fire brigade call-outs during the day, but then out of hours the key holder and emergency services can be despatched without delay minimising potential damage & loss.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Whether it is a simple key holder alarm or a fully-fledged Police calling system with a URN (Unique Reference Number) we can provide cost-effective monitoring and the response you require.

Plant Monitoring

Plant monitoring provides protection on anything requiring a response when there is nobody available to monitor an event, typical examples of these are;

  • Freezer over temperature
  • Boiler Failure
  • Food Alert
  • Lift Failure
  • Water detection

Signalling Types

Intruder alarm, fire alarm and plant monitoring can be provided using various types of signalling – we have listed a couple below, but others are available and our surveyor would quote on the most suitable for your property. If you require any advice on installing a security system or 24 monitoring please contact us on 01274 595015.

BT Redcare TM GSM

Redcare with GSM is a Redcare connection with a GSM radio backup path enabling your alarm system to be monitored by radio as well as via an existing BT line. By adding a recommended GSM network your premises are monitored through two completely separate paths. If one path fails or is interrupted, then the other informs the alarm monitoring centre immediately and continues to monitor any subsequent alarms.

If the GSM Interface Device loses contact with the GSM network, an alarm is transmitted to the monitoring centre using the BT line, this means that with Redcare GSM, alarms can be signalled via both the BT line and radio paths.

The benefits are as standard Redcare plus:

  • Dual path – Radio back-up.
  • Continuous monitoring via radio and BT line.
  • Line failure reported within seconds.
  • 2nd path provides monitoring until the faulty path re-instated.
  • If both paths are attacked Redcare GSM will send confirmation to the monitoring centre.

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