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Emergency Lighting Products, Central Battery System Installation and Maintenance

Emergency Lighting is an essential safety system that is required to be provided by owners or occupants of commercial premises. The following are guidelines only but would normally reflect the basics of a well-designed system.

Your major requirement is to activate the emergency lighting in either local or complete mains failure and a professionally designed, installed, and maintained system should reduce the chance of an accident and ensure health and safety are not compromised in the event of a power failure.

In addition to being able to supply and support standard Fire alarm / Emergency lighting systems, Rosse Systems can also provide a combined Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, and Intelligent signage system.

The system is run from one panel and on the same loop. It enables us to be able to bring on lights in the event of a fire activation and turn off exit signs – directing people away from the fire. Please click on the FIREscape+ link below for further details.

Our emergency lighting systems & services

Rosse Systems can offer an excellent range of emergency lighting products from stand-alone lights to central battery units, static inverters, and addressable emergency lighting systems such as Firescape – the latest intelligent, low voltage, LED emergency lighting system.

Firescape is the UK’s First Low Voltage, Addressable, Intelligent, LED Emergency Lighting System

Hochiki Europe, world leaders in fire detection manufacturing have introduced a brand-new concept to the UK market – an innovative new Addressable Emergency Lighting system, FIREscape.

FIREscape is a unique, highly cost-effective, and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system based on LED technology and is the UK’s first to be fully intelligent.

FIREscape is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self-contained luminaires and signage connected via screened, extra-low voltage (40V) cabling.

We are also specialists at building Central Battery systems to suit each individual project, i.e. time clocks, hold-off relays, and dedicated outputs. Facilities to convert clients’ standard fittings to the emergency backup operation.


non-maintained system would utilise sub-circuit monitors, this ensures via a series of relays, that all emergency lighting luminaires would be activated wherever failure may be.

maintained system is quite simply energised at all times therefore the luminaires are illuminated irrespective of their condition.

maintained system with hold-off relays allows you to illuminate certain local areas of the building upon mains failure whilst the remainder operates under mains healthy conditions. In a complete mains failure, all luminaires would be active in emergency mode.

Central Battery system offers solutions where all power charging circuits and batteries are centrally located, and all luminaires are connected via protected cabling.

static inverter system runs conventional mains fittings at full brightness under mains healthy or emergency operation. This system eliminates the need for a separate low-voltage system or self-contained luminaire emergency lighting installation.

An addressable system uses intelligent technology to control and test individual luminaires. This system is also simpler to install and dramatically reduces installation and ongoing maintenance costs, as well as being environmentally friendly.

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