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Access Control System Installation and Products

There are two main types of access options – keypads or readers. Both these systems are often supplemented with a separate or combined speech system that provides a way for unauthorised people to contact someone within the building without staff having to compromise their safety by opening the door.


You would have an electronic keypad mounted at the door. Providing you enter the correct pin number the door would unlock allowing free access.

Keypads have the benefit of having no additional cost for fobs or card swipes. The pin number can be given to any number of staff if a member leaves or the number becomes known then the code can be changed and your team can be informed of the new code.

The disadvantage of keypads is that the pin number can be passed on to non-eligible personnel or copied by observers or contractors.

Fob Readers Or Swipe Cards

Both fob reader and swipe card systems need a device to be presented to the reader to gain access. Fob readers require a fob, which can typically be fastened to your key ring or built onto a watch strap. They tend to be more robust than a card swipe and the readers are less prone to vandalism because they do not have a slot present.

Fob readers can provide an answer to providing an access system to an area subject to vandalism by building the reader into the fabric of the building.

If it is impossible to mount within the fabric, the reader can be surface mounted out of a robust stainless steel design.

The DDA requirements are easier to meet with a fob system than a keypad system providing they are mounted at the correct height because the visually impaired will find using fobs less awkward than entering a code. On a combined access and speech system the DDA requirements will mean that you should consider a dual-height unit.

Rosse Systems is a Paxton registered installer and can also work on other leading manufacturers’ equipment such as Videx, Bewator Siemens and Pac.

Access systems can also incorporate audio and/or visual indication, it is also possible to link the systems to your mobile phone to allow you to speak to a visitor and open the door from anywhere in the world.

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