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Fire Extinguisher Products and Services at the highest standard

Rosse Systems supplies and services all makes of fire extinguishers to BS5306 standards and can provide you with a professional, highly efficient service.

Fire extinguishers that are not maintained annually to the standard are no longer considered compliant. As a business owner, it is your legal obligation to have had a Fire Risk Assessment to ensure you have the right numbers and types of extinguishers in place and also an up-to-date fire log book. If your logbook is not up to date or you are due for an annual service, simply call us today.

Let us provide you with a service schedule reminder

Under the British Standard, an extended service otherwise known as discharge testing is to be carried out at the stipulated intervals. For water, foam, dry powder or wet chemicals this is every 5 years and for CO2, every 10 years.

Our Service Department can remind you when your annual Fire Extinguisher Service is due and make the necessary arrangements for an engineer to visit so you do not have to worry about missing a service each year.

Please ask about the full range of fire extinguisher products we offer – you could be extremely surprised how competitive we are on price. All our products are British Kite marked and manufactured to BS 7863 and BS EN3.

We are leading suppliers of Water Mist Extinguishers

AF-rated Water Mist are a new type of broad-spectrum extinguisher. These extinguishers are the first extinguishers that can tackle general fires as well as deep fat fryer fires which are very difficult to extinguish. Deep fat fryers currently require fire blankets or specialist wet chemical fire extinguishers to tackle them. As a result households or professional kitchens end up with at least two types of extinguishers but in the future, they will just need one type of extinguisher – water mist. Offices, general buildings, factories etc will obviously benefit from this new development as well. The simplicity of the water mist extinguisher and the fact that one extinguisher deals with all risks, also reduces the cost of extinguisher training.

A 6l water mist extinguisher is as powerful as a standard 9l water extinguisher and offers a strong F rating on the top of the normal A rating. The extinguishers also have long discharge times (the 6l version has 65.5 seconds!), offering even un-experienced users a safe way of fighting a fire.

The water mist extinguisher only contains de-mineralised water, hence leaving no residue and can, therefore, be used in food preparation areas and clean rooms. Refills are obviously cheap and easy to execute. And disposal at the end of the extinguisher’s life is no issue. The water mist is also suitable for churches and historic buildings as the water mist does not saturate the objects in the building as much as a water extinguisher would and has no harmful substances that could damage wood or soft furnishing. The extinguisher also eliminates the risk of powder inhalation in smaller spaces such as boats or small kitchens. These extinguishers are therefore perfect for indoor installation on small boats.

How does it work?

The extinguisher’s supersonic nozzle disperses microscopic ‘dry’ water mist particles to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials. The particles are attracted by the fire and cool the fire and reduce oxygen content.

They are 100% safe for use on wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids and fat fires. While water-based extinguishers currently cannot be tested or classified for gas fires according to British Standards, dry water mist extinguishers are actually great for extinguishing gas fires.

  • As the extinguisher can be used on most types of fires, extinguisher training in offices and organisations can be reduced
  • Fewer fire extinguishers and blankets are required
  • Less mess to clean up after a fire
  • Safer to use e.g. in small spaces (no risk of inhalation)
  • The Green choice. No chemicals involved
  • No disposal costs for chemicals
  • No costly refilling chemicals
  • If the extinguisher is used by vandals, there is no risk to life and health.

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