Fire Compliance Services

With many occupied buildings failing tightening compliance checks, attention to fire safety is rightly at an all-time high.

As a large active fire and security solutions company, Rosse Systems provides bespoke equipment for our clients, developing the most comprehensive range of active fire protection services in the market.

Compliance to regulation is only part of the story. Our teams are working hard, partnering with our clients to get a step ahead of regulations. With respected industry experts leading our teams, we can guide our customers, not only ensuring compliance but putting them in the best position for any future developments.


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Store, track, and triangulate client data.

Online Reports

Technology handles processes in seconds.

Search Functions

Carryout checks at speed with ease.

Safe Data Storage

Compliant with security accreditations.

Technical Compliance Auditors

As part of the Checkmate Group, Rosse Systems has an internal compliance department headed by ex-BRE fire protection experts. This team operates autonomously with the on-site operational teams, reporting directly to the CEO of the business.

It’s a commitment to quality that can be seen across the business, with Rosse Systems undertaking our own ongoing self-assessment through an internal compliance and assurance team.

It is expected that our teams, through on-site supervision and contract management, complete all checks, signoffs and electronic recordings of works in the form of completed schedules, ready for certification.

Our team of technical compliance auditors serve as a “check and balance”, providing a pseudo-independent review of standards delivered, ensuring the correct details and materials have been used in the delivery of fire stopping, fire door remediation and fire door installation.

This additional safety net, which exceeds independent assessment of our standards through the accreditation bodies of BRE, Firas and BM Trada, really does make us unique in our industry.

A key outcome from our technical compliance team is “education”. Finding an incorrect detail, or a repeating issue means we can quickly organise an on-site toolbox talk, re-educating the teams to reduce the likelihood of the defect establishing itself as common practice.

Using our technical compliance auditors in this way is an incredibly powerful tool in our business in getting it right the first time.

Compliance Software

In addition to our in-house Technical Compliance team, Rosse Systems has invested in software that allows us to robustly store, track and triangulate the rich, accurate client data we collect as part of our inspections.

Our technical documentation software delivers numerous benefits for our clients, including:

Instant, ‘real-time’ access to online reports

The nature of our functionality means that the technology handles previously time-intensive report processes in seconds.

Quick and easy search functions

The system stores data according to dates and functionalities, ensuring that clients can now carry out checks, at speed and with ease.

Safe data storage

Minimising the possibility of ‘losing the paper trail’, all data and photographic evidence is held in an environment that is fully compliant with security accreditations and certifications.

Links to location

All works can be linked to site plans and locations.